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This page looks at data on the California housing market collected by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (CDP) in San Antonio Heights, California. It provides information on home prices and costs in the San Jose, San Bernardino and Los Angeles subway areas and compares the median price of $750,500 for an Uptown home and the median owner's cost of a 1917 square foot home in San Juan Capistrano, CA with those presented by the CDP of San Austin Heights. For people who own a home in the Uplands subway area, it shows a median cost, but it indicates that it costs a "median owner" ($1.9, 17 dollars), which is slightly higher than the average cost of a two-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home. It has been proven that the mortgage rate (9%) is lower than in surrounding regions such as San Diego County (8%), San Francisco (7.7%).

This analysis is useful for understanding affordable housing and home ownership by excluding financing costs in the areas presented. Unlike the state of California, the median property tax paid by homeowners in this region ($3,818) is 13.9% lower, reflecting the area's rent distribution, and is larger than in other large metro areas such as San Francisco, San Diego County, and Los Angeles County. It is also only 3.4% small relative to upland and California rental prices (503), and provides a distribution of home prices in the area, but is not helpful in understanding affordable housing - housing funds.

Figure 10 shows the median property tax ($3,818) and the associated costs of homes in the Highlands. These include property taxes, mortgage interest, real estate insurance and other financing costs, as shown in Figure 10. That includes the cost of buying a home for less than $1.5 million and selling the home to a family of four or more.

The average price per square foot in Upland, CA, has historically sold homes for less than $1.5 million, selling them for more than the median property tax of $3,818 per square foot. The average price per square foot has historically sold for $2,500 per square foot.

Figure 9 shows the frequency and distribution of home prices in the region and is useful for understanding affordable housing funds. Figure 9 is useful for understanding the affordable housing fund: the San Antonio Heights CDP, which represents the cost per square foot of the median home price in Upland, CA. Figures 9, 10, 11 and 12 show the number of people who own homes in and around the Uprand Metro station, as well as the percentage of owners who do not have a mortgage. Figure 11 shows the proportion of homes owned by people with mortgages and the proportion of mortgages without mortgages.

Upland has a median gross pension of $1,454, slightly above the median gross pension in the San Antonio Heights CDP, but still below the national average. It shows that Uplands has a 25% mortgage rate, which is significantly lower than in the surrounding region, and a higher percentage of mortgages without a mortgage than in other parts of Los Angeles County, CA. In addition to the highest median home price in California, the second highest number of affordable homes per square foot, it also has the lowest median household income and the third lowest average household debt.

Over the last 10 years, Upland has experienced the highest property appreciation rate of any county in the United States, and, compared to California, the data show that there is a significant correlation between the median home price and the number of affordable homes per square foot. In addition to being one of California's top 10 most affordable counties in terms of home prices, the value of its properties is rising by 64.61% annually, putting it in the top 10 for property values nationwide. The latest annual revaluation rates are above the national average of 60.6%, but still below the California average. Compared to the US average ($2,471) of median property taxes paid, it is 35.6% higher, with an average annual tax burden of $1,743.

The region is illustrated by the total number of owner-occupied housing units, and Upland is about a quarter the size of California in terms of changes in the share of owner-occupied housing units over the past 10 years. Tenant share (45.1%), which is significantly above the national average of 44.5%. U pland is listed as a median owner cost of $1,917, which is the highest of all California counties and the second highest in California, behind San Bernardino County, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It also shows that the median home price per square foot ($2,743) and the average annual property tax burden, both more than double the US average, are $1,743.

Figure 8 provides information on the average annual property tax burden in the Upland over the last 10 years. Figure 19 looks at the rental costs of rented properties, using the percentage of total household income that is a valuable measure of an area's financial health.

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